Our New Logo

FOH New Logo

We are excited to reveal the new logo for our honey and beeswax products! Although we loved our old logo, we decided it was time for an update. With the new logo release, we would like to share with you the story of how our business was started.

My husband and I first started beekeeping as a hobby in 2012.  As our children were getting older and with new free time, I decided to enroll in my first yoga class. One day in the yoga class the subject of honey came up as the instructor was talking about how difficult it was to find local honey for his allergies. My son also suffered from terrible seasonal allergies and the idea of having my own bees to produce honey came to mind.  Together with my husband, we completed a beekeeping course and purchased our first hive.

The first year that we were able to harvest honey, we gave it to friends and family who loved it. Since it was such a big hit, I decided to enter our honey in the state honey show. To enter it into the contest, I had to have a label and a name. We decided to name it “Frog Ocean Honey” since we live on Frog Ocean Road and our bees are kept on our property. Because the idea came to me while I was at yoga, I wanted the label to have a frog in a zen pose.  We entered the contest and ended up winning first place in the NJ State Honey Show that year.   The demand for our honey grew.  We purchased more hives and thus, our business was born.

In the past six years of beekeeping, it has become less about harvesting honey and more about connecting with nature. This inspired our new logo to have more of an earthy, marsh feel representing the area in which we live, and an updated version of our iconic zen frog.  We hope you love it as much as we do!

As our business continues to grow and change we remain inspired by nature. 

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