FOH Events

Pop-up Yoga Class


I was first inspired to become a beekeeper after a yoga class five years ago. The instructor of the class was complaining of allergies and had heard that eating local honey everyday would help. He was having a hard time finding local honey and I was looking for a hobby. That year, I attended a beginner beekeeping course and started my first hive! Over the past five years, we slowly expanded our number of hives. In 2016, I opened Frog Ocean Honey at The Barn as a place to sell our honey and other hive products.

We will be celebrating the one year anniversary of The Barn on August 27th with a special Sunday morning all-levels, outdoor yoga class. Bring a mat and a friend! Rebekah Mulford of Bee Inspired Yoga will be teaching the class. Bee Inspired Yoga is located in Woodstown, NJ and has been voted Best of Salem County in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016!

After class, join us for light refreshments, honey tasting, and shopping!


Cost $5

Sign Up Here!

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